Heart'n Block

An Arkanoid like game for PC (Windows and Linux) proposed on Steam created by Nicolas Gonzalez featuring 100 stages of color madness with blocks, hearts and cute girls mixed in! Include a level editor as well as the ability to play randomly generated stage.

Meet and play with lots of different girls on stage. While certain are cool with you destroying the blocks, others will try to stop you or even destroy you!

Learn to use and master powerful permanent bonus to help you against this madness of color! Be sure to avoid malus as they will only make your life harder.

Heart'n Block Demo

You can play a little demo of the game directly on the site! It contains the first 25 stages to get a good feel of the game.

For best experience, play the demo on a PC with a processor of at least 1.6 GHz and around 1 Gb of RAM to spare.

Having trouble? I recommend using Firefox.

The demo work on a mobile device and tablet if it is enough powerful but I don't guaranty the 60fps!


Main Game Features

  • 100 stages to meet the girls one by one.
  • Random generated stage to indefinitely play and enjoy the game!
  • In-game editor to let go of your creativity. Linked to the Steam Workshop for sharing!
  • Powerful in-game gallery combined with an encyclopedia to learn about the game et look at the beautiful girls! Include the option to choose the girls you want in the background.
  • 11 different blocks to destroy that will release a heart shaped ball, a bonus or a malus.
  • 8 powerful permanent bonus to choose from. There is enough for all kind of playstyle!
  • 20 different cute and sexy girls on stage to help or destroy you!
  • Many special effects done by the girls, balls and everything else to turn the stage into a complete chaos of colors!
  • Complete support for gamepad. Ability to play in 1 hand mode with the mouse or in 2 hands mode with the mouse/keyboard combination.¬†Touchscreen support integrated as well.
  • Nude mode. Interested? See the >>18+ section<<.